Between Two Servers #20: Evolution of Marketing with Sonia Couto and Kunal Singh

BTS Episode #20
Short Transcript of the Podcast
Sonia: I guess the first thing that is sort of one to start with… because we’re talking about the evolution of marketing. You know, how has marketing changed in the past ten years in your opinion?
Kunal I think marketing is something that is evolving with technology. I mean, I remember ten years ago I was working for a company where we believed that marketing was all about creating a clever quote and deciding where to put the billboard Once you do that, that’s it. Your marketing work is done.
I feel marketing has evolved in the past ten years. For starters… there is just so much competition because of [the] Internet like you said in the introduction. It’s just every company, regardless of the size of the company, they all have access to marketing.
Depending on the budget, you have tailor-made marketing budgets to solve any of the company needs. Like we have MenuSano, Field Eagle well as Konverge Digital Solutions. Now each of them have a different budget on which they function.
So it’s just marketing, because of [the] Internet, has become so much easier. And for us marketers, it has become so much [more] competitive. I mean, just to think about it, the consumers themselves have become smarter now because of the abundance of options. I mean, a good slogan would not cut it anymore. I mean, somebody had told me that marketing is no longer a love at first sight…
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