Between Two Servers #21: Product Leadership & Management with Sonia Couto and Christine Billinger

BTS Episode #21
Short Transcript of the Podcast
Sonia: How are you going through your road map and say, okay, you know what? Like, I have ten items here and I have to build. How do you go into it? Crossing your fingers and hoping it’s going to work? Or is there like a natural way to prove that that’s going to be the best value to build first in that road map?
Christine: Yeah. Yeah.
Sonia: Like clients asking for these things and you know what I mean?
Christine: I mean, yeah. So, you know, like if you have a lot of clients asking for a certain feature, you know, that it’s important to them right? And it’s going to give a higher priority on the road map for sure. So not all products know what that North Star metric is. It sort of depends on how far along they are in their journey.
So you have to have like a lot of in-app data to kind of pinpoints where that where that happens. So but once you know, you can figure that out. And maybe in the early stages, you kind of have to guess and that’s okay. It can change. But yeah, it’s usually done through like in-app technology that’s like gathering metrics on user churn, you know, how are they using the system? At what point do they get a friction and churn? So you kind of gather that intel that way and then you just sort of work backwards from there.
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