SharePoint HealthCheck - It’s not just your Furnace that needs Maintenance this Fall

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  • Published: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM
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Whether a vendor, customer, or employee portal, SharePoint can be an invaluable part of your information infrastructure; but like any system it needs to be maintained.  With the proper care and feeding your SharePoint investment can provide value for your organization indefinitely.  SharePoint will often not stop completely, but over time its performance can degrade for a variety of reasons.  A crippled SharePoint system will reduce usage and adoption, nullifying your SharePoint investment.

This Fall, while you’re scheduling your HVAC professional for a furnace tune-up, you might want to consider a SharePoint HealthCheck with your IT professional.

A SharePoint HealthCheck will usually include a review of these components:

  • Permissions
  • Workflows
  • Groups
  • Security Levels
  • Interaction with Active Directory
  • Interaction with Other Systems (CRM, ERP, Outlook, etc.)

Any identified issues can be addressed, and you can ensure that SharePoint is continuing to provide the maximum benefit to your organization. Keeping your SharePoint environment properly maintained will keep the information flowing through your organization and extranets.  If you haven’t had a HealthCheck in over a year, you should consider scheduling one today.

By: Ken Tucker

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