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It doesn’t really matter if you are selling heavy machinery or if you are an Economic Development Director trying to attract investors to your town: you need to have the best website.

Many decades ago, the consumers of your product or service would pick up the phone to engage with you and only then, they would start learning about your offer. You could educate them and guide them as you spoke with them or you visited them; they would read your brochures and listen to your presentations.

Today, buyers find out more than 80% of what they want to know about a product or a service, before contacting anyone. By the time they call you, they have educated themselves on what they want, how they want it and how much they want to pay for it. You have no time to do this over the phone or the meeting anymore.

When, you ask then, is the best time to tell them about your service or product? The answer is: at your website.

Your potential client will start there as a visitor, looking for information. If they don’t find truthful and useful information with you, rest assured that they will find it somewhere else. Wherever they find what they are looking for, they will stay there. And read. And read. And read.

The visitor on the website will get nurtured until he is ready to click at a button that says something like “Can we contact you?” At this point, he will become a lead and the whole sales process will continue from there.

That is the reason why good websites, either for companies or for governments, have become critical for business: if done correctly, they will bring revenue. If done wrong, they will drive potential clients away and to your competitors.

Websites today, and this is especially true for the Canadian local governments, cannot be static pages anymore. Sometimes they need to be open to the public and some other times they need to have a password and an ID, conducting us to an Intranet or an Extranet. Sometimes, they need to be both! Most of the times, they need to be interactive, showing maps; helping us with common problems; directing parties interested to the proper person; helping us out to fill forms or teaching us how to calculate our return on investments.

As these sites have become more and more complicated, several tools have emerged to help preoccupied content developers to create better pages. 

At Konverge we have specialized in two of them:

  • SharePoint 2013 (, owned by Microsoft, is a leading tool used to create Intranets and Extranets. It is also used to make public websites.
  • Umbraco ( is an open source Content Management System, or CMS used in more than 110,000 sites today.

There may be hundreds of different ways to create a compelling Website. You need to develop yours today (or yesterday) to convert all those strangers and visitors into leads and customers.

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