Custom Software for Manufacturers

Custom Software and Apps for manufacturing

Adjust your traditional practices by introducing custom software developed by Konverge Digital Solutions. With various customers to satisfy, from subcontractors to partners, our aim is to help you stand out from your competitors. Our expertise will enable you to pivot away from the tight control of legacy systems within the manufacturing industry, keeping you competitive in today’s market.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Konverge is an award-winning custom software and mobile developer that utilizes an agile software development model that truly focuses on customers and their needs.

Konverge’s custom solutions provide you with unique software that reduces your costs, increase efficiencies and productivity, manage supply chains and inventory, and automate project planning and production tracking. We strive to deliver great products coupled with excellent services to help your company thrive and garner profits.

Expert Knowledge and Years of Experience

Custom Software

As a leading custom software development company, our specialty in custom software development is bar none. Clients have been coming to Konverge since 1994, and we have helped our clients build customized applications that are tailored to their specific business needs.

We consult, analyze, and find solutions to keep you competitive in the manufacturing sector. We believe in full collaboration. Our aim is to stay with you every step of the way during the development process. We provide every business with advanced technology solutions driven by collaboration and a customer-focused approach.

Industry 4.0 and IoT

custom software for manufacturers

Industry 4.0 represents the transformation, automation, and the digitization of the manufacturing industry. The fourth industrial revolution is an enhancement of the third (the introduction of computers), with the Internet of Things and autonomous systems integrated in manufacturing operations.

The Internet of Things, also known as IoT, represents the interconnectivity of physical devices over the internet. These remote machines communicate with each other, gather information, and continue to get smarter as they access more data, eliminating human involvement and error in the business’ processes.

With these shifts occurring in the industry, factories have become more productive and profitable. Industry 4.0 produces insights and invaluable data streams that can help businesses enhance their methods swiftly and efficiently.

The Benefits of Custom Software Manufacturing Applications

Benefits of custom software for manufacturers

Regulatory compliance is easier to achieve with a customized digital solution at your fingertips. This reduces workplace risks and helps you attain operational excellence.

When packaged software cannot satisfy the full range that your business requires, custom software can be tailored to fit your every need. The numerous benefits of custom software include: widening supply chain visibility, asset management, full automation, and custom integration with existing systems. Once integrated into the business’ practices, it will certainly increase the company’s productivity and profits.

A great example of Konverge’s varied projects include optimized collaboration between a client’s plants and their offices worldwide, which resulted into a higher close rate and a reduced cost per quotation.

Software that automates for efficiency and profitability is needed in the manufacturing industry. By integrating technology that focuses on financials, accounting, scheduling and product lifecycle management, this reduces complexity and achieves transparencies in running your business. You can easily receive notifications on raw materials and display powerful reporting suites to meet real and projected demands.

Partnering with Konverge allows businesses a one-of-a-kind opportunity that helps them stand out in the marketplace. Our clients also own the intellectual property of their custom software solution, another added value that Konverge provides.

Konverge's Approach to Building Software

We apply Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) techniques to manage your software development project. We plan and execute projects with you from beginning to end. We provide you with an advantage by ensuring that your unique requirements are met and are properly integrated into your software.

We provide:


custom software for manufacturers

You are the idea owner. The functionality of the software is based on your specific needs and requirements. Your direct involvement with the design, coding and database is crucial to the project’s success.

With our agile approach, iterations of the software will ensure that you get exactly what you want. The aim of the collaboration is to ensure that the application that we create will solve your business demands. We are fully committed to our projects and welcome feedback in the planning and execution phases of the development process.

Custom Software Design and Development

Agile methodologies utilize progressive quality management, from prototype development to software customization and quality assurance practices. It ensures a high quality product at the end of the stage of development.

custom software for manufacturers

Training and Support Services

custom software for manufacturers

Konverge assists all clients in the implementation of the developed software to their current business methods. Custom software simply means that we have created a unique product. Proper training will be provided to the client and members of their team on how to use the new application. Support and maintenance are part of our software development packages, to ensure client satisfaction and guaranteed success of the collaboration.

Custom API Development

Konverge develops powerful and secure custom API solutions for new and legacy enterprises. Whether the need is for API Integration or API As A Service (APIAAS), Konverge's specialized API development team will build robust and secure APIs that will solve your business needs.

custom software for manufacturers

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