Custom Software for Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals

Custom Software and Apps for pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical and chemical industry is set to grow to around $25 billion by the year 2021. Regulations continue to change and advancements in processes are inevitable. Konverge Digital Solutions will help provide you with a custom software solution package that fits perfectly with your brick-and-mortar company.

With strict legislations disrupting your enterprise’s workflow, we understand the need for a comprehensive suite of applications that adapts to your practice, manages your operations, and increases the visibility and control of all your processes. Custom software will help you stay competitive in today’s saturated pharmaceutical and chemicals market.

100% Canadian owned, Konverge’s headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada. We deliver outstanding custom software solutions to medium and large corporations, both nationally and internationally. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional custom software solutions to our various clients.

Tracking inventory and purchase orders, inspecting product quality, implementing safety standards, and generating reports can be taxing to any business. With a custom software solution, these recurring tasks can be made more efficient, which will increase the productivity and profitability of your company. Streamline your operations with a Konverge software solution today.

Leading Experts in Custom Software Development

Since 1994, our custom software solutions have helped meet the demands of various types of businesses. We help optimize operating practices and satisfy our client’s custom software needs.

Custom Software

Agile Software Development

Our custom software development team employs agile methodologies, which provides you with iterations to your software, ensuring the project’s success. This is one of the many benefits of custom software. It is tailored to provide your company with solutions that will elevate your products and services. Yield positive results and adapt to a changing market with a Konverge custom software solution.

Custom Software Agile Development

Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Clients

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A Custom Software’s Added Value to your Business

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Konverge’s custom software solutions offer flexibility that packaged software cannot deliver. This is just the tip of the iceberg with custom software.

We are the designers, architects, and developers at your disposal. Your software will be created specifically for your business needs, and so it will be unique to your industry. Veer away from your competitors by simply allowing us to bring your vision to life.

A Konverge custom software solution can include digital dashboards, production scheduling, inventory, and shelf-life tracking, or regulatory reporting. A digital solution also has the ability to help you retain customers by keeping track of orders, prescriptions, and deliveries. You decide how you want us to customize your application.

We understand the importance of operational safety, product quality, and operating costs. Let us optimize your work conditions and eliminate paperwork and inefficient procedures.

To ensure the success of every project, we take every opportunity to develop our techniques. Custom software is the solution to your ever-changing demands. It is flexible, reliable, economical, and it will help you meet your organizational objectives. Let technology guide you to the next level.

Konverge’s Development Process

We understand that software integration and implementation can bring big changes to your company, and so we believe in transparency. Our bottom line is to provide you with a software solution that you are truly happy with. Our agile development techniques allow iterations to your software, which will enable you to monitor and measure the successive process.

With agile, customers benefit from early releases and future updates. Clients, in turn, receive invaluable data and customer feedback that is then applied to their software’s future iterations.

Custom API & Integration Services

Konverge develops powerful and secure custom API solutions for new and legacy enterprises. Whether the need is for API Integration or API As A Service (APIAAS), Konverge's specialized API development team will build robust and secure APIs that will solve your business needs.

APIs allow for a departure from siloed applications and create a new way of utilizing data. This helps recreate business models and strategies to elevate existing products and services.

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