Konverge custom software Development partnerships

Konverge can collaborate with offshore development companies who require a partner to help develop projects within Canada and the United States that are based on modern Web and Mobile technologies.

With over 29 years of experience providing custom software development and consulting, Konverge can offer local resources to meet with clients, provide business analysis services, and project management.

If you are an offshore development company with clients in Canada and the United States and in need of a partner who is closer to your clients to compliment your services, contact us by filling out the form below.

Our Strengths

Our Strengths - Established


Konverge is the ideal partner for doing business in North America. We have worked with clients across Canada and the United States for the past 29 years. Our brand is well established and reputable.

Our Strengths - Experienced


Our knowledge of custom software development, mobile application development, and business comes from completing projects across a wide range of industries. Konverge excells at creating innovative solutions to solve business problems.

Our Strengths - Stakeholder Satisfaction

Stakeholder Satisfaction

Konverge excels at stakeholder communication. We know this is a key factor in any custom software project's success. We pride ourselves in providing excellent service with an unbeaten track record.

Our Strengths - Talent


Our people are what make us great and Konverge knows this. We are dedicated to providing a fun and supportive company culture. We provide ongoing learning opportunities for employees and seek to hire excellent talent. Your company and clients will benefit from our tight-knit team of professionals.

To Offshore Custom Software Development or Not?

Over the years, Konverge has taken on many custom software projects that have gone awry due to the challenges of working with offshore development teams. In this video, Konverge Director, Sonia Couto, talks about what it takes to make these kinds or projects successful.

What Past Clients are Saying About Us

Custom App Solution PatientSERV

"Konverge's ability to understand and articulate our business requirement and work with us to develop a solution that fit our needs has allowed us as a startup to come to market in a timely and cost effective fashion."

Arden Cornford, Co-founder, PatientSERV

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Business Software Solution Bosch Logo

"They possess excellent technical skills as well as good communication skills. The Konverge team was always responsive to our needs and went the extra mile to ensure a quality application was delivered."

Amy Yustick, Robert Bosch Corporation, Manager of Business Systems Development

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Custom app solution for CentreCorp

"The application gives our sales department the freedom to access our entire portfolio wherever and whenever they need. The development process was smooth and a pleasure due to the exceptional Konverge team."

Kyle Andrews, Director, Marketing & Design

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Software Development Solution for NHC

"By eliminating paper, we’ve turned a time-consuming process wrought with duplication and the potential for errors into an efficient, automated, electronic workflow. We’re saving time, increasing productivity and ensuring safe, quality housing for residents."

David Fulgham, Financial Systems Administrator & Database Analyst, NHC

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Learn More About Konverge's Offshore Services

Offshore Infographic

Download this infographic to learn more about how Konverge manages Offshore teams for project success.

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About Konverge

Clients have been coming to Konverge for over 29 years for help with leveraging technology to meet their organizational objectives. Konverge’s consulting practice includes Custom Software Solutions, Mobile apps, API Development, Web Applications, Business Analysis, Product Development, and UI/UX Design. In addition, Konverge markets a portfolio of award-winning software solutions.

Konverge's software development Toronto is 100% Canadian owned, we work closely with medium and large enterprises across industries and across Canada and internationally, too.

Canada's Best Managed Companies Platnum Members

Custom Software - Konverge is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner

Konverge is a Deloitte awarded Top 50 Best Managed Companies and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners are Microsoft's most highly accredited independent technical support providers.

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