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The future of healthcare continues to evolve with technology. Businesses need to think differently and continue to adapt in order to remain competitive within this space. Konverge has won multiple awards for custom software development that is based on agile methodologies, providing its clients with expert solutions to help businesses turn their dreams into realities. From software assistants that digitize information and improve a service’s efficacy, to health and wellness applications that track nutritional intake and weight loss training, Konverge has the ability to provide custom software development for any business within the healthcare sector.

Konverge has been at the forefront of developing custom software since 1994. We partner with small, medium and large companies across many different industries and regularly consult with clients like Toronto Public Health (TPH) on new products and innovations.

With over 25 years of experience researching and developing software, Konverge’s aim is to simplify your business and services for the end-user, reduce the disruption of care, and highlight the benefits of your facilities and services with custom healthcare software solutions. We believe that our successes are only realized when our clients have achieved their goals.

Areas of Expertise in Custom Software Healthcare Applications

Customer Onboarding Software

Customer Onboarding Software

Our goal as one of the premier software development firms in Toronto is to make the customer onboarding process as painless as possible. Our focus is on ensuring that the product meets the needs of the business and that it provides true value.

Practice Management Software

Practice Management Systems

Konverge has developed practice management software that helps in the efficient and smooth running of healthcare operations. The software assists in tasks such as:

  • registering and tracking patients,
  • controlling patient appointments and scheduling them,
  • billing the patients and processing the payments,
  • keeping records of the patients and their demographic information,
  • generating staff member reports and much more.

This assists in speeding up the processes of running a medical practice and helps in the reduction of errors.

Health Records Software

Electronic Health Records Systems

Konverge provides a platform that enables accurate information to be easily accessed anywhere and at any time. This software presents a patient’s records on a digital device. It includes information such as medical history, medication, radiology images, allergies, treatment plans, laboratory results, and much more.

By converting analog files to digital format, Doctors and health practitioners are better able to review and analyze client information with just a tap of a finger.

Konverge is passionate about turning custom business ideas into custom software that helps companies and their services run more efficiently and successfully.

Clinical Workflow Management Systems

Clinical Workflow Management Systems

Customers are looking for an efficient medical practice where services are available without significant wait times. Medical service providers are similarly looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce wait times so that they can see more patients.

Konverge technologies create Clinical Workflow Management tools to ensure that both parties are satisfied. This provides companies with organized appointments, immediate treatments, and efficient discharges that equate to satisfied patients and health care professionals.

Patient Portals

Patient Portals

Konverge’s vast understanding of custom software development aided in the creation of patient portals, which are online websites that enable patients to get access to health information any time, any day. Thus, patients are capable of viewing all their health information anywhere, 24/7. Some of the information available includes:

  • List of allergies,
  • laboratory results,
  • doctor visits,
  • medications currently being taken

Patient portals are extremely useful in providing a single place for patients to view all of their records. Portals can be further expanded to offer booking services so that patients are able to schedule a visit if needed.

Konverge recognizes the intricacies of a single patient record and has simplified the whole system to promote accuracy and efficiency to improve a company’s service delivery process.

Online Pharmaceutical Ordering Systems

Online Pharmaceutical Ordering Systems

This is a tool that allows the patient to view inventory levels of their current prescriptions and also order new prescriptions. It can be enhanced to include mail tracking services, so that patients can track their deliveries. In addition, reminders can be scheduled to ensure that patients do not let their current prescription run out.

Konverge’s custom software provides a worry-free environment for the patients, eliminating missed doses, painful trips and phone calls to the pharmacy, and unnecessary wait times.

Nutrition Management Software

Nutrition Management Software

Another area of focus by Konverge is the area of nutrition. This software helps manage the patient’s dietary requirements and tracks the patient's food intake, helping them determine which foods they should and shouldn’t be eating to maintain a healthy weight. In addition, by linking it to the patient’s pharmaceutical profile, certain foods can be determined as being either healthier or detrimental.

Konverge delivers accurate and relevant data to help clients maintain their healthy lifestyle. This process eliminates the guesswork and unburdens patients with a clear-cut snapshot of their daily food regimen.

Healthcare Mobile Applications

Healthcare Mobile Applications

Konverge develops mobile applications for doctors to use in accessing professional knowledge and organizing their data in the best way possible. This includes patient information and also relevant professional networks the Doctor is a part of.

Software development has evolved from producing packaged off the shelf software for clients to customized applications which include mobile integration based on specific client requirements.

Health & Wellness Applications

Health & Wellness Applications

Health and wellness is not just a function of medication and drugs. Konverge understands this and offers the ability to track sports and exercises. This includes weight loss training applications, pregnancy applications, meditation applications, and sleep cycle applications.

API Development and Integration for Healthcare

API Development & Integration

Konverge's expertise in API Development and Integration connects existing data systems and workflows to make operations run more efficiently. With many EHR, EMR, & HMS, and other hospital and practice management software on the market, pulling and pushing data through an API saves time and money.

Almost any software can now be integrated to improve productivity and data quality by developing and leveraging custom APIs.

Our Custom Software Process for Healthcare

In general, we have integrated all of our client’s systems to enable customer onboarding, patient/treatment scheduling, invoice creation, and automatic portfolio sync for all of their patients.

Konverge is an agile software development company. Agile is very different to the older waterfall method of development. With waterfall, clients provided specifications and then months or even years later they received the finished product. While they sometimes received opportunities to review the product during the development cycle, the focus was on releasing a finished product to the client. Unfortunately, during that time, their needs might have changed and the product received might no longer be fit for purpose.

Agile by contrast breaks a project down into small chunks. Developers work on discrete modules giving the client the opportunity to review the progress of the project as it is going. This allows clients to redirect the development team if they need new features or if the product is not providing the service that they envisioned.

The stages of an agile software implementation with Konverge include the following:

Healthcare Custom Software and Mobile Apps Development Process

Product conceptualization

This involves brainstorming and outlining the functionality of the software in question, and identifying the problem which you wish Konverge to solve for you via a custom software.


Business Requirements Documentation

This involves creating the specifications, both functional and technical, that document what the intended functionality of the software is.

Healthcare Custom Software Development and Mobile Apps


Healthcare Custom Software Development and Mobile Apps

Prototype Development

Just like any other product such as a car, Konverge first develops a software prototype before coming up with the actual software itself. The prototype is the developed software that isn’t meant for the market, and is built with the sole aim of testing whether it’s good enough for the market or not.


Software Development & Customization

This is the actual development of the software where its design is finalized, and the coding and database are implemented to ensure a functional software that is in accordance with the client’s desired specifications.

Healthcare Custom Software Development and Mobile Apps
Healthcare Custom Software Development and Mobile Apps

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the progressive quality management of the custom software under development. Unlike quality control that focuses on the quality of the final product, quality assurance is progressive, and Konverge employs quality assurance during the development of their products to avoid defects and ensure that the final specifications of the product are met.

Implementation and Training

Konverge’s products are custom. This means that when a product is developed, it is the only product in the market, and there is nothing else like it. Once Konverge develops software for its client, they have to assist them in the implementation of the product and training the client and his/her workers on how to use the product. This is the final stage of Konverge product development.

Healthcare Custom Software Development and Mobile Apps
Healthcare Custom Software Development and Mobile Apps

Support and Maintenance

Many software development companies deliver products and then move onto the next client. Konverge understands that resources change, as do requirements. As such, support and maintenance is built into the plan to ensure that the software continues to work to specification and requirements.

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