We have been made aware that there are nefarious individuals making job offers at Konverge that do not exist. The goal of this scam is to attain personal information from job seekers. Click below for some telltale signs that a job offer is a scam.

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Konverge Ventures

Konverge Ventures What are your Good Ideas

What is your great software or app idea?

Konverge Ventures exists to seed the next generation of Canadian entrepreneurs by turning great ideas into a reality. From seed to IPO, Konverge Ventures is an ideal partner that brings over 28 years of experience building custom software and mobile app solutions.

We understand that it takes more than just funding to make a global company which is why Konverge provides their expertise at every step from business planning, product development, marketing, and beyond.

Why Choose Konverge Ventures?

Why Choose Konverge Ventures?

Konverge Ventures leads with empathy due to the simple fact that we've been there.

Led by a tech founder, Sonia Couto, who has spent over a decade in the tech industry, Sonia has first-hand experience within the startup landscape.

Sonia is also the managing director of Konverge Digital Solutions, a bespoke custom software and mobile app development company that works with medium and large enterprises across Canada and internationally.

Furthermore, Sonia is the Founder of MenuSano, a nutrition tech company.

Who do We Invest In?

Konverge Ventures primarily partners with founders who are at the Seed and Series A stage. Konverge will provide support throughout the entire lifecycle of the business.

If you're interested in a conversation on how Konverge Ventures can help your business take off, fill out the form below today!

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To learn more about Konverge Ventures and how we can help your business take off, please contact us.

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