MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software

Custom Software Case Study - MenuSano

This case study reveals how Konverge created an award winning, online nutrition analysis software that allows users to obtain calorie and nutrition information on the spot.

Traditional methods for nutrition analysis is to either calculate it manually or send food items to a lab for chemical analysis. Calculating nutrition manually is time-consuming and requires expertise. An easy-to-use, flexible, and affordable solution was required in order for restaurants and other food services to be able to show nutrition information at the point of sale.

Konverge created MenuSano's workflows, which allows an industry professional to experiment and compare the nutrition profiles of every recipe and dish. Clients can also manage and store their recipes online and conduct recipe costing. Foodservice professionals can now save time and money with MenuSano nutrition analysis software.  

The work Konverge did with MenuSano displays our drive for success with every project that needs solving.

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