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Developing and releasing a mobile app allows you to put your business directly in the hands of your clients and customers. They increase your scalability, global availability, and keep all aspects of your enterprise connected.

With smartphones and tablets taking an ever-larger market share, creating mobile apps and having the right ones in place to reach your customers is critical. While websites are still useful for certain purposes, mobile apps with their focused interface, look, and feel provide customers with so much more. Mobile apps can even be customized so that information is presented based on location through the use of GPS. They are truly able to take advantage of all of the capabilities smartphones and tablets offer.

Whether you are looking for native apps or require a company website for mobile devices, Konverge is a mobile app development company that will work with you to achieve your goals. Our approach is customer-centric and collaborative - we will talk with you to understand your goals, your business, and your audience. The bottom line in our minds is YOUR bottom-line.

Our Mobile Application Services

Mobile App Development

Android Mobile Application Development

Android is the current world leader in mobile device operating systems. Leverage its full power and create a mobile app that will highlight your services in multiple platforms. Connect with your users globally and seamlessly through engaging Android apps that are made available on the Google Play Store.

Our team of mobile app developers are experts in Android mobile application development. They create exceptional custom software to satisfy your specific requirements. Allow us to construct a technical solution to fit your business needs.

Mobile App Development

iOS Mobile Application Development

The most popular smartphone continues to be the iPhone. From ideation to deployment, our iOS app development services offer superb assistance across all of Apple’s iOS platforms, including the iPad and the iPod.

Skilled in UI and UX design and app building, the Konverge team will build you a captivating mobile application that’s featured on the Apple app store. Our years of iOS app development experience makes us the perfect partner. We’ll design, develop, and maintain your application with full transparency throughout the whole process. Take advantage of attracting new customers and heighten their engagement across various devices with an iOS mobile application solution.

Mobile App Development

Windows Application Development

Create a native Windows application to enhance your customers’ journey with a must-have mobile application for your business. Konverge delivers quality solutions that can be utilized on countless mobile devices such as phone and tablet. Deliver true value to your users with a single binary. This will let you distribute your assets successfully on the Microsoft Store.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, our expertise includes Microsoft-certified development services that can serve any business needs, from medium-sized to enterprise level. Let us integrate a Windows application to your business process today.

Mobile App Rescue

Mobile App Rescue Service

Konverge has proven expertise in taking on mobile application development projects that have failed with another vendor. Our strength lies in managing software teams onshore or offshore and we are equipped with robust processes for taking over, managing, and delivering mobile app projects. We work with our clients to understand the business challenge, review the existing source code and map out a plan based on budget and the client's timeline. If the existing vendor is no longer available, our capable teams will take over the project in-house to get it back on track with a winning outcome.

We're Not Just Another Custom Software Developer

Konverge Director, Sonia Couto, talks about who Konverge is and the passion we bring to our clients' projects.

Results-Driven Mobile App Development

results driven Mobile App development

Konverge is a results-driven developer. The end result: a custom-made mobile application that solves a specific problem based on what the real business needs are.

Our Business Analysts work with you to identify and prioritize software features. Konverge uses agile development methodologies, which allow development releases to you in iterations. Releasing in iterations allows you to see the work being done incrementally. This means that you can make any changes as development progresses, rather than waiting until the entire application has been developed.

Agile development makes possible early releases to your customers with more features being added at a later date. The benefit: earlier return on investment as users are using the product and ensuring that the features planned are the ones your customers want. By gathering user analytics and customer feedback, you will be confident in what needs to be developed in the next few iterations to make your customers happy.



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