Custom Software Quality Assurance Process

custom software quality assurance

Konverge’s experienced Quality Assurance (QA) team are experts in evaluating requirements for designing and developing robust, reliable, and accessible applications. QA works simultaneously with developers and managers, which allows our team to be able to respond immediately to client feedback. This results in a more collaborative effort and faster turnaround, without compromising product excellence.

Quality Assurance and Software Projects

The Konverge team develops and executes test cases and addresses gaps in requirements. By integrating it early into the software development life cycle, QA does not impair the pace of the process.

Quality assurance (QA) is important in software development, as it ensures both product and service excellence. This is traditionally integrated into the latter stages of a project.

However, that approach can be counterproductive in the long run. Imagine your software being on its test phase and issues start to arise. Konverge's QA process helps evade these unavoidable scenarios.

In the agile software development process, QA is far different. It uses sprints. These are incremental and iterative work sequences.

In this methodology, QA is introduced at the start of the project. It is not integrated towards the end or upon completion of coding. This unique approach helps us anticipate issues.

Quality Assurance and Software Projects Custom Software

Quality Assurance Process

group Design
In this multi-step and collaborative phase, all requirements are gathered. The end goal is to identify workflows, user roles, and permissions, among others. This process becomes a lot easier when QA is involved in the requirement gathering phase.
In the design phase, our QA plays an important role in bringing client ideas to life. With a deep understanding of the client’s business requirements and goals, our QA team can provide design inputs.
The process includes the reviewal of the design. They may also identify possible conflicts and discrepancies even before the start of the development phase. This helps them in anticipating future iterations to the project.

speaker_notes Testing
This phase is where everything comes together. During this stage, the QA team can work on things that may have been missed due to time constraints in the previous phases. They perform edge case testing to test various inputs, and cross-browser or cross-operating system checking.

assignment Deployment
In this phase, a great portion of the testing zeroes in on user acceptance training. Here, the client will get hands-on experience with the software. Our QA team works closely with the developers in validating and fixing bugs. They also perform exploratory testing while the user acceptance training transpires, to ensure the success of the project.

assignment_turned_in Requirement Gathering
The Konverge QA team is involved in the project as early as the requirements gathering phase. With this setup, they can understand the scope of work instantly. This also enables them to create more defined and relevant test cases. Everyone in the team can meet each other earlier in the project and start the collaborative process.
Our team can assist in various facets of writing story cards. This can range from identifying missing user stories and dependencies between user stories. They can also determine ones that are out of scope and identify edge cases and gaps in the details of the story documents.
Product knowledge is critical for our QA team. This enables them to go over user stories and other documentation with such ease. It also allows them to better visualize workflows and recognize stakeholder goals.

touch_app Development
Our QA team can start testing during the development phase. Doing so enables our personnel to identify bugs even before they become major issues.
Our QA team’s heavily involved in this phase. They review user stories in the current spring. and handle the writing of test cases.
The reviewal of user stories enables QA to confirm that development is headed in the right direction. Writing test cases, meanwhile, can dissect levels on a more microscopic level.
During this stage, the Konverge team will also be accessible to the developers. They can test the software as soon as it is ready. This can further cut down the process workflow.

Our Quality Assurance Commitment

Involving QA in every phase of the agile development process increases the likelihood of a successful program. The project progresses smoothly, as bugs are identified and fixed early on. Requirements are met, while restraints in resources such as time and budget can be overcome.

Konverge understands how critical quality assurance is in the success of a software development project. For over 29 years, we have helped many organizations achieve their business objectives by leveraging technology. Contact us today to learn more about our quality assurance and its integration into our agile software development process.

Quality Assurance Custom Software

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