Software Solutions for Natural Resources

Custom Software for Natural Resources

Let us enhance your business and its services with a custom software solution that’s tailored to your needs. The natural resource industry is going through a digital transformation. Analogue practices inhibit businesses by limiting their capabilities. Our development team is dedicated to delivering quality software and mobile applications to create a solution that you can implement to propel your business practices.

In today’s market, ensure your upward trajectory by helping us create unique technology. We will work with you to design and develop an innovative and intuitive software solution that will improve the efficiency and profitability of your business.

Unlimited Possibilities

With custom software, you can:

  • Access accurate master data from anywhere in real-time. Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and keep track of your company’s information from one hub.
  • Organize and share your master data seamlessly within your organization. Time is money, and digitization will allow you more time to focus on what’s really important.
  • Integrate various features such as asset management, supply chain visibility, operational intelligence, compliance management, mainframe modernization, and preventative maintenance.

The natural resource industry is known for its traditional practices. Konverge will help you innovate your business with our custom software solutions.

Custom software API

Custom APIs

Unleash the full potential of custom API's to integrate with existing data systems and workflows. Connect ERP, CRM, CMMS, EAM, Accounting & Finance, HR, and more to achieve your operational, reporting snf productivity goals.

Industries Served

Custom Software for Mining


Mining companies struggle with major challenges: operational safety, regulatory compliance, market volatility, environment, financial, and employee risks, to name a few. Konverge has worked with mining companies to address these challenges with a customized solutions across the globe. We specialize in asset and inspection management for mining and understand the industry's unique needs.

Custom Software for Oil & Gas


Our custom software solutions for Oil & Gas, help manage challenges in operational safety, regulatory compliance, market volatility, environment, financial and employee risks. Konverge specializes in asset and inspection management solutions for Oil & Gas. We understand the importance of operational excellence and are committed to helping our clients achieve this across all high-risk industries.

Custom Software for Natural Resources


Government, associations, and other regulating bodies have come to Konverge for custom applications to manage their publications and internal and external processes.  Governing bodies play an important role in the economies they operate ensuring efficient, safe, orderly and environmentally responsible development of resources over their entire life cycle.

Our Software Development Process

We work with you from beginning to end. Konverge doesn’t just develop software, we also ensure its delivery. Our Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) method ensures that your end-product meets your specific requirements.

What we deliver:

custom software solutions

Custom Software Solutions

Packaged software has its limits, custom software does not. It wasn’t built with you in mind. With a custom software solution, you can personalize your application to fit your business needs. The main purpose of this is to increase your company’s output and profits.

This custom software solution is built specifically for you and your business. Konverge’s goal is to ensure that we deliver what you require. Simply put, we want to bring your big idea to life. That is why your involvement in your project’s design, coding, and database is vital.

Our agile methodologies will enable you to have progressive iterations of the software until the project’s successfully completed. This approach determines the issues and we welcome your input during the various stages of the development process.

custom software solutions

Quality Assurance

Konverge takes pride in providing you with sophisticated products that you can utilize to revamp your business. From developing the prototype of your custom software to carrying out quality assurance practices, our methods ensure that your final product is of the highest quality.

Our QA team and developers put your software through rigorous testing before the final delivery. During the Release phase, Konverge will ensure a smooth transition while it’s deployed into the hands of the end-users.

custom software solutions

Agile Methodology

Our agile methodologies are built with customers like you in mind. This development process allows our clients to be able to provide feedback as the project progresses. It’s responsive, integrated, flexible, and most importantly, this approach will promote the growth of your company.

Agile methodologies work well in software development because they allow us to embrace and be more flexible in custom software projects. This results in increased customer satisfaction with the end result.

Konverge implements a development model that is customer-oriented. By working closely with our clients through all the stages of the development process, it ensures client satisfaction and successful project outcomes.

custom software solutions

Support and Maintenance

Konverge services are like no other. We assist all clients in the implementation of the custom software to their enterprise. Due to the uniqueness of the product, Konverge will ensure that proper training will be provided to every member of the organization on how to utilize this brand new software.

We want our clients to be satisfied with the end-product, and so we provide support and maintenance as part of our development packages. You can count on us through all of the stages of your software development process.

Leading Experts in Custom Software Development

Custom Software

The Konverge development team prides itself on creating first-class software that your business requires. Your vision is our mission.

Armed with over 29 years of experience, our aim is to provide you with a service that’s unparalleled. Here at Konverge, we treat each project as a priority. Since 1994, we have partnered up with small to large organizations across varying industries and honed our development processes with each successful undertaking.

The natural resources market is known for its legacy methodologies. Stand apart from your competitors by integrating a Konverge custom software solution today.

Natural Resources Software Resources

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