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Companies have been coming to Konverge for our software specification and analysis service for over 29 years. Having a comprehensive software specification and requirements analysis is essential in the success of a software project.

Konverge understands that well-understood system specifications and requirements create a strong foundation for any custom software project.

Benefits of Software Specification and Requirements Analysis Service

Software specification and requirement analysis have many advantages:

  • Provides businesses with clear and meaningful goals in the software implementation phase.
  • Establishes a basis for determining timelines and costs of the software project. This will help your project get off on the right foot.
  • Determines required performance levels to ensure positive response rates and fewer constraints.
  • Provides a baseline for quality assurance verification and validation. This ensures that all software requirements meet the standards in terms of usability, security, and reliability.
  • It gives developers a clear idea of the externalities and functionalities of the software. This minimizes late-stage rework and costly changes.
  • Takes a comprehensive look at the implementation, compatibility, and privacy of every OS version to guarantee quality assurance.
  • Gain in-depth analysis of the transitions, features, back-end documentation and goals of the product.

Requirement Analysis Process

Requirements Analysis

Discovery Meetings

Our requirement analysis process begins with discovery meetings with our clients. We discuss and help uncover the business needs that the custom software project will address. This enables us to create a unique customized solution that is made specifically for you.

In the business scope identification, our business analysts will characterize the opportunities and needs of the business. This process involves a level of detail sufficient for system design.

We gather requirements from stakeholders and subsequently divide them into categories such as functional, technical, regulatory, and non-functional.

Discovery meetings help us effectively diagnose the situations and solve your most pressing issues. During this process, we gather critical project information and highlight the most important parts to focus on.

Our experts will also discuss the backgrounds, constraints, goals, and factors that might impact the project. This allows us to draft documentation to help the project team decide on the next steps.

Requirements Analysis

Documentation Drafts

Based on the findings during the discovery meeting, Konverge develops documentation drafts regarding the software application's scope, goals, and functional requirements. Outlined in the documentation drafts are sections explaining technical concepts that will be used throughout the document.

This allows project stakeholders to provide more relevant feedback about the concepts, packages, repositories, and dependencies of the process. It also helps our experts develop a consistent software requirement specification (SRS) analysis.

An SRS is a document that describes the functionality, architecture, and technical requirements of the custom software. It reflects an understanding of the dependencies, constraints, and needs of the business. An SRS breaks the problem into manageable parts and serves as a reference for validation and testing.

SRS documents also demonstrate the solutions, data structures, elements, interfaces, and performance levels of the software. These documents are then shared with stakeholders for evaluation and approval before project bidding begins.

Requirements Analysis

Project Bidding

Outlined in this segment is the overall scope and the timeline of the project. We will be summarizing the costs involved in the project.

We will also highlight the features requested by the client and the resources needed to get the project done.

The agreed fee for the entire development process may change depending on the requirements needed for the project.

We're Not Just Another Custom Software Developer

Konverge Director, Sonia Couto, talks about who Konverge is and the passion we bring to our clients' projects.

Our Software Requirement Analysis Team

Our software requirement analysis team ensures that your requirements are accurately processed. Our team of developers, business analysts, managers, and UX/UI designers all work collectively to properly interpret the requirements. This helps eliminate the ambiguity of developing an application. The process is done before the actual software development process starts.

Our team also takes an extensive look at other requirements that may impact the technical realization of the software.

Konverge Digital Solutions also provides you with a summary of protocols, algorithms, and tools used for the development process.

Why Konverge Digital Solutions?

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Custom Software

Konverge Digital Solutions has over two decades of experience in software specification and requirements analysis. We have delivered excellent service to businesses across varying industries.

Unlike other companies, Konverge Digital Solutions tailors services to meet your expectations and evolving business needs. We classify and present requirements and generate corresponding documents according to the needs of your business.

Konverge Digital Solutions has a proven track record of removing inefficiencies and risks linked with legacy systems. Over the years, we have helped businesses establish clarity and unity between team members.

We also eliminate discrepancies in the development process. This is done by capturing the requirements, progress, and goals of your business.

Want to learn more about our services? Contact Konverge Digital Solutions today and schedule a meeting with one of our experts.

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