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The customer is more powerful than ever before, especially in the digital world. With so many sources of information, entertainment, business opportunities, and a plethora of ways to connect, the typical consumer has the power to choose which website, app, or custom software is best suited to him/her.

An app that takes minutes to load is considered unacceptable these days. A consumer can simply uninstall it as a result of such an experience. An online visitor can choose to leave if your web application looks bland and uninformative. Nowadays, brands have more pressure to make their web application, app, or custom software fast, user-friendly, and visually attractive.

Konverge can help you in creating a mobile app or custom software that is attractive and engaging to your target audiences through user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design.

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UX UI Design for Custom Software

The simplest definition of user experience is how an individual feels when interacting with a website, app, custom software or another type of system.

In an environment where brands strive to fulfill the needs of their target consumers, user experience has become increasingly critical. Good user experience provides your audience with positive experiences that can turn them into loyal customers and brand ambassadors.

A good example of this is an e-commerce website. If it is not well-organized and easy to navigate, how can you expect your visitors to make a purchase? How do you ensure loyalty and repeat customers?

The same procedures should be implemented towards your mobile app. Whether it is on Android, iOS, or Windows, your app should be intuitive, easy to navigate, and simple enough for an average Joe to understand.

In short, the success of your app, website, or custom software depends largely on user experience.

But how about user interface?

User interface pertains to the aesthetics of a program, whether it is an app, website, or software. It involves all sorts of visual elements, from images, fonts, colors, buttons, text, sliders, to the text entry fields. It is practically a part of UX.

But make no mistake about it, both UX and UI are critical to each other’s success. Your app may have a beautiful design, but if it is confusing and cluttered, don’t be surprised if it isn’t getting enough downloads.

Our UX/UI Process

Our UX/UI Process is highly collaborative.

Hover over the steps below to learn more about each one.


Our UX/UI development process begins with understanding your users, their needs, and the problems they want your app, website, or custom software to solve.

Integral to this is the creation of user personas or the representation of your customer. This allows us to better understand your target users and identify exactly what they need from you.

Once we’ve acquired proper customer insights--behavior patterns; needs/goals, and issues/pain points--we analyze the data that’s provided through your software and learn how to better target your customers. We also take your competition into consideration, as well as the latest trends in user experience development.


This step in UX/UI development determines the structure of the project being formed. Oftentimes, the usability and efficiency of the software will depend on the wireframe. This is a simplified visual representation of the website pages or screens of an app interface.

We will work hand-in-hand with you during this process; gathering your ideas to create wireframes that you may evaluate. If the need arises or if there is a concern that you’d like to address, we can always go back and go through the wireframe with you.


In the design stage, we will give you a visual impression of the project. We provide you with an early sample of the design through prototyping. This allows us to test the design concepts and usability of the product. An added benefit is that we’ll receive your feedback earlier and quicker, which bodes well for the project.

The design process also typically includes a mixture of wireframes and sketches.


Once you have approved the design, we then implement it into the software.


Evaluating the design is critical for a project to be successful and for you to achieve your business goals. We’ll evaluate the design based on the goals we have set at the beginning of the UX/UI development process.

We also perform usability testing, wherein the product is evaluated and tested by prospective users. Through this process, it allows us to determine whether or not the app or software is functional and beneficial to your target consumers. It also enables us to distinguish potential problems in the UX.

Through a technique called comparative usability testing, Konverge can compare your design against your competitors. We can also perform a beta launch to test the design and obtain user feedback.

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User experience and user interface are two facets of web and app design that can make or break your software. It is important for your business to partner with a reputable company that will ensure the superb quality of the UX and UI of your application.

Here at Konverge Digital Solutions, we have the talent and experience to aid you in building a more attractive, engaging, and user-friendly software. Whether it is an app, website, or custom software, allow us to help elevate your business. We will ensure that the UX and UI of your software are outstanding, your project goals are met, and that you are satisfied with the end result.

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