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Web applications are changing the way entities use the Internet. By being more interactive with users and connecting to back-end databases, web apps--defined as programs utilizing web browsers to perform various tasks online--promote more effective user engagement over the Internet.

Web applications such as social networks, games, online forums, polls, blogs, online banking, shopping cart applications, and content management systems are enabling countless firms to better interact with their target consumers.

Konverge Digital Solutions can assist you in making web apps that are easily accessible to your target audience. These apps can effectively streamline your web development efforts.

Konverge is a global company with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. We have the technical expertise and years of experience to help your firm. We also aid you in effectively adopting web applications that will better serve your customers online.

More Than Just a Platform

Custom Software Web Application Development

Konverge is your choice partner for your web application development needs. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we are a highly accredited technical support provider and a multinational technology company. We have the expertise to implement your web app development efforts. We are also experts in Microsoft IIS and ASP.NET, the leading platform for website delivery.

We can construct more than just .net platforms, as we have experts in managing databases and using various technologies to deliver interactivity in websites.

With Konverge’s assistance, your business can roll out web applications that can enhance the user experience and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of systems and processes. Regardless of the nature of your business, we can support your web application development process.

We can provide and recommend the right technology to help you grow your business, from HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, JavaScript, React, AngularJS, Node.js, jQuery. As a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner, our developers have extensive knowledge in ASP.NET, MVC & SQL Server projects.

Our Process

We believe that web app development and delivery should be customized to the customer’s needs. Prior to the start of a web app development process, we will discuss and analyze each step and requirement with you.

We believe in full transparency. Rest assured, that you will be very much involved in the development of your application. We will regularly keep you updated in the course of the project.

We're Not Just Another Custom Software Developer

Konverge Director, Sonia Couto, talks about who Konverge is and the passion we bring to our clients' projects.

Why Work With Us

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Custom Software

With more than 29 years in the industry, Konverge has the experience, expertise, and solid reputation that you would want from a web application development company. We have worked with organizations of different sizes, from small to medium, and large businesses.

Our processes have been tested, verified, and are found to be effective in helping our clients achieve their business goals. We look after all the elements of a web application development process. From the initial scoping phase to actual development, and even customer support, we are right there with you.

We also have the ability to rescue custom software projects that have failed to achieve its objectives. Our software rescue services have helped many clients in the past. Unfortunately, these clients have spent enormous resources on software, only to be disappointed with their results. We’ve helped them recover from these bad experiences.

Our agile methodologies include stakeholders throughout the web application development process. This makes the entire process more flexible. Clients are more involved and kept up to date during the progression of any project.

Our teams of engineers, quality experts, and business analysts have worked for various organizations. They are aware of the challenges that business entities regularly face. More importantly, they can provide expert advice on how to navigate and overcome those challenges.

Our goal is to provide you with a web application that can boost your productivity and your company’s profitability. Allow us to serve you with custom software that you can be truly proud of.

What About Offshore Development?

Konverge offers both onshore and offshore development teams. Offshore is an attractive option when considering the cost savings it brings. However, offshore teams can be a challenge to manage and in Konverge's 29 years of operating, has seen many troubled offshore projects due to poor communication between the developer and stakeholders. It's not that offshore is a poor choice over onshore, it's just that they require a special type of management to be successful.

We're here to tell you that offshore projects can be highly successful with a hybrid approach between onshore and offshore teams. In this model, Konverge's onshore team manages the whole process with an offshore team. Working with many different overseas vendors, Konverge will match your project with the ideal offshore team to produce the results you're looking for.

Learn More About Konverge's Offshore Services

Offshore Infographic

Download this infographic to learn more about how Konverge manages Offshore teams for project success.

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