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  • Published: 10/29/2019 1:37:36 PM
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Custom Software Solutions Disrupt the Market

The globe today has an obsessive relationship with technology. Imagine a situation today where there is no technology at all. We are so dependent that we can’t even pass a single day without the latest tech at our fingertips.

People have become tired of repeating the same solutions again and again. This has paved the way for digital disruption.

What is Digital Disruption?

It changes the entire business structure according to consumer needs. It also disrupts existing business models and washes away traditional solutions in a search for more efficient ones.

Some of us may be responsible for it, while others are the ones who are doing it. Digital disruption transforms businesses. In a nutshell, it is the change that businesses experience when new technologies adjust their normal operation.

The best way to handle this disruption is by accepting, transforming, and creating better solutions. These solutions should be simple and easy to understand. They should also be easily available and accessible from anywhere and everywhere.

Be A Disruptor

In the age where Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) are well established, digital disruption can be the differentiator. Today, consumers are so connected that even human interaction happens only through a digital environment. They keep themselves well informed through social media, blogs, and other internet sources.

Thus, digital disruption happens because of the high expectations of the consumers. However, companies can amuse their customers if they understand how to interface human expectations with technology. There are multiple ways to harness digital disruption. One of the best ways to harness is by becoming the disruptor.

Digital Disruption is like a ball and a wall. You either throw the ball on to the wall, or the wall returns your ball to you. But the world is always trying to develop software that can escape from the chaos.

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Examples of Digital Disruption

OnePlus launched its first phone in India, where Apple and Samsung were fighting for the top spot. Instead of manufacturing mobile phones in huge numbers, they introduced the invite concept, which was something new that no other mobile giants have done before. In this way, they saved money as well as brought in a new marketing strategy.

Other well-known brands have embraced digital disruption through their “freemium” offerings. These include sites like Dropbox and LinkedIn that provide a whole host of services at little to no cost. Customers wanting premium services pay a regular fee but even non-paying customers can enjoy the service.

Another way is by collaborating or acquiring. If we can’t create something on our own, the best thing to do is by buying the solution from outside or by collaborating with the one who created it. You can also harness it by integrating the offline and the online world.

For example, if you are a firm that sells cosmetics, you can create web rooms (virtual spaces) where your customers can try the shade of cosmetics to check if it is right on them. In this way, you are winning your customers emotionally.

Act swiftly. Instead of thinking if your solutions are correct or not, just try it out. You either get your reward, or you learn from that. Be the first one to react.

The Value Proposition of Software Services

Customers are stuck between making choices between the companies that offer similar solutions. Companies are constantly competing and this competition helps drive sales. It’s important to have something that helps your business stand out. Ethical business practices of the company speak louder than their product details.

Good ethical behaviour makes you feel good about the company. Apart from making you feel good, it also contributes to the profit factor at the end of the day. Incorporating more automation methods doesn't remove the need for humans in the workplace. It pushes them forward and creates more opportunities for the workers.

It is not easy for a single organization to provide everything that the customer demands. Collaboration and partnerships help in delivering seamless business solutions. This will drive the innovation process faster which in turn, will attract customers.

The main advantage lies in interpreting the data in a more faster and effective manner. But just being innovative is not enough. People-oriented business solutions must get ahead of their customer’s changing needs. This proves that their rate of acceleration is on pace with the change that is demanded by the market.

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The Right Custom Software Developer Company

Konverge is a Toronto based custom software developer. We focus on improving your company’s productivity and profitability. Our custom software solutions bring your business vision to life.

We understand what companies need. We provide solutions based on the latest market trends. Our software and technology practices are always up to date.

Our custom software solutions are completely agile and responsive. You can always expect a huge return on investment for the business software solution that we provide. Transparency is our main priority. We make sure we keep your customer trust intact.

Digital disruption is unavoidable. Konverge responds to it by offering custom software solutions that improve customer relationships and increases productivity. This, in turn, results in increased revenue and customer retention.

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