Between Two Servers #15: Role of QA in a Software Project

BTS Episode #15

Light Transcript

In the latest episode of Between Two Servers, Sonia spoke with Roxroy Clayton – Konverge’s Development Manager – about the role of Quality Assurance in a custom software project.

S: So Roxroy, why don’t you start by telling us what is the QA role in a software development process?

R: The QA Role is very critical in developing good software, especially if you want to create high-quality functioning software. The QA role really comes down to testing the bandwidth in the software. Whether it’s new software, sometimes QA will test in existing software, just to make sure that the system works as it should work. Or, in order to spot issues that are somewhat intermittent. And they help to be able to identify bugs, glitches, or look at user experience and determine what can be changed in order to provide bug-free software.

S: Can you walk us through a little bit of the process that a QA person would have to go through on a project?

R: The QA role starts just after the requirements are done. The QA role is going to need some documentation, something to tell them what is it they’re testing, what is it they’re evaluating, so they will have some documentation that’s done before.

S: And who does that documentation? The QA person or the business analyst?

R: The BA, the business analyst. So at Konverge, we do all our documentation in an agile manner so they won’t get the full documentation, but they’ll get enough documentation that will be able to give them an idea of what is it they’re testing, what is it the client is looking for and they’ll be able to now think about testing areas that they’re looking for.

So given a feature within a system, they’re looking to see what should the feature be doing, how it should work and be able to create tests around finding defects that may crop in during development.

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