Between Two Servers #17: Non-Obvious Reasons why Businesses Need Mobile Apps

BTS Episode #17

Light Transcript of the Podcast

Some businesses use mobile apps for marketing and general brand recognition, but there are many other reasons why existing businesses need mobile apps.

Retail businesses for example might use mobile apps as a means to provide their loyal customers with discounts, coupons, and other incentives. Similarly, shops could let customers browse their online inventory or even place orders directly through an app helping improve the overall customer experience.

However, these examples are all somewhat obvious. There are many other reasons why businesses should consider a mobile app.

The internet has helped open many markets to global competition. Many businesses now have 24/7/365 operations and a mobile app is an essential component in their success.

A mobile app allows users to place orders at any time of the day or night. It can give customers self-service ways to communicate with the company and perform other services such as checking account balances, requesting information, or downloading statements.

This means that both customer service and operational staff can work more efficiently because they have access to real-time information that guides them in their interactions with customers.

In addition, with the integration of knowledge and AI chat features, the app can provide near-real-time support to customers regardless of the issues they might face. This helps ensure that a business can provide world-class service without requiring a massive investment in staff and resources.

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