Between Two Servers #4: A Discussion With Rosa Hoffman, Founder & CEO of MedsCures

BTS Episode #4

Rosa Hoffman is Founder and CEO of Medscures, a Technology company dedicated to making medicine secure.

Their mission is to change the way the world uses medication.

We’re incredibly excited to welcome Rosa Hoffman to Between Two Servers. Rosa will be speaking with Sonia, discussing women in tech, the startup world, and also funding.

Light Transcript of the Interview

S: It’s great to have you here! Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and MedsCures. Tell us a little bit about the company, what its goals are, and what you’re hoping to achieve.

R: Sure, so with MedsCures, what we’ve done is we’ve developed a prescription pill bottle that is sold to pharmacies on a subscription base and what we do is we secure medication at a pharmacy level, which, in hindsight, what it really means is if you have a highly addictive narcotic, you will not be able to access that narcotic unless it is programmed into the bottle by your doctor and pharmacist to release based on your prescription. So the goal is we’re trying to help with the abuse of medication – that’s a big thing. We’re seeing standardized, how medication is being provided to consumers and just keeping everyone safe. That’s the really big picture of what we’re trying to do.

S: Can you tell us a little bit about opioids specifically and talk to us a little bit about what some of the statistics are around the opioid pandemic, how people have become highly addicted to some of these narcotics and how your technology is going to reduce that?

R: What I can tell you is one in eight people that actually get a prescription for an opioid will end up abusing it. So that is already a huge statistic in the U.S. I think they’re doing about over 700 million prescriptions for opioids in Canada. Think about how many prescription drugs are being dispensed on a daily basis and when you consider the fact that one in eight will abuse it and one in six from those eight will end up using harder drugs like heroin. We are seeing a large amount of deaths from seeing a lot of fake opioids on the streets now because people want to get those hits. We are seeing a regulation with opioids where doctors are now not allowed to give it out as much and that is why we’ve seen a really big increase in the fake opioids right now on the street like fentanyl and things like that. But it’s still an issue because it’s still happening and we’re still seeing it quite a bit.

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