Between Two Servers #5: Being Creative Featuring the Marketing Team

BTS Episode #5

In this episode of our new podcast, Between Two Servers, Konverge’s marketing team discuss how they’ve changed their marketing strategy throughout this time and how they maintain a level of creativity in their workflows.

They’ll be discussing how they’ve adapted to this new way of working, maintaining their team dynamic from home, what their creative process looks like, and much more in this incredibly insightful episode for marketers.

Light Transcript of the Interview

C: We are essentially the core marketing department of Konverge. So today I wanted us to talk a little bit about our creative processes to start and then maybe talk a little bit more about how marketing at Konverge has changed since the pandemic came upon us. So, we started off as happy workers in an office where we could socialize with one another in person and talk to other people, and have meetings and have staff socials and now we are on our own working from home, which is quite a bit different.

C: I was curious to talk with you a little bit about how that has maybe, changed your creative process a little bit. So, how do you find the difference between working in the office versus working from home? How does that impact how you come up with creative ideas and solutions to briefs?

K: It’s a good question! It’s funny, it’s something that I think about almost daily in terms of how much – at least work life – has changed so much. I think it’s an interesting way of working now because before, in the office, if I wanted to film something all I need to do is pick up the camera and just start filming someone or say, “Hey Christine, shall we record something?” Or I could walk to Sonia’s office and say, “Hey Sonia, can you say a few words to the camera so I can cut this up later for some content?”

It is challenging. But it’s not impossible to come up with content. Obviously, the variation of content that we had before has definitely changed and it’s not as easy as just picking up a camera and saying, “Hey guys let’s just film something” because now I’ve got to think of even more out-of-the-box ideas of putting stuff on social media!

C: Which is working well for us!

K: Yeah! And I think the Instagram Lives that we’ve been doing has definitely – it’s pushed us. It’s pushed us to do more different things and they’re a good example of that. It’s something that we might have eventually done but now it’s a case of – now that we introduced it, it’s become a part of our staple strategy almost. I guess having done that every week, it’s almost exciting when we go back to the office to see how we’ll kind of do it in the office as well.

C: Like you said, we’re coming up with new ideas on how to reach people. I think what we’re doing, actively listening to our customers, figuring out what they want and how we can deliver things to them during this time.

S: I think for me, content-wise it’s different, and how I produce it. So I think it’s really interesting now, being able to find more avenues to communicate and finding new strategies to talk to our current customers who are actually listening. It has been really interesting. I think because everyone’s more willing to listen, we have these platforms that we can actually use to our advantage because now everyone’s sitting at home and have the time to engage. We now have their full attention, it’s really just how we communicate to them directly and how we can connect with them effectively.

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