Introducing Between Two Servers

Welcome to Between Two Servers. Between Two Servers is the podcast that doesn’t actually take place between two servers but talks about everything that exists between two servers.
The idea of Between Two Servers came from the need to want to share the knowledge that we at Toronto-based software developer Konverge have amassed over the years. Whilst our company has been around for well over 26 years, we’ve no sign of slowing down and wanted to bring you along on our journey.
What can you expect in this show? We’ll be talking with industry experts and talented individuals who have been around long enough to see significant growth and change as well as a local panel of experts who are incidentally, also part of the team. You’ll hear about the way we work, how we’re continually adapting to this ever-changing tech world and much much more. 
We’re excited to embark on this part of our journey and hope you’ll join us. You’ll be able to find us wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts and you can find exclusive updates and clips across our social media platforms:
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